CBD Pet Drops 250

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CBD Pet Drops Help with:


  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Combats malignant cell growth
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps shield the nervous system
  • Promotes increased appetite
  • Post surgery relief and support
  • Helps with seizure prevention
  • Promotes reduction in epilepsy conditions
  • Inhibits bowel dysfunction
  • Non toxic assistance with hips and joint inflammation


Naysa pet drops are made with full spectrum hemp oil. Why is that important as opposed to many products that are CBD Isolates? Full spectrum has ALL of the beneficial compounds that does a body good, such as CBDA, CBG, CBGA and so on. Each of these compounds provide a different benefit such as inflammation relief, pain relief, bone, muscle spasms and others. With full spectrum oil, you can give your dog this one product for many of the ailments that they might have. Naysa CBD Oil is all natural and pesticide free with NO synthetic fillers or preservatives. The product is also non-GMO and contains no alcohol.

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5 reviews for CBD Pet Drops 250

  1. admin_j

    Glad to see this top quality CBD for our 4 legged family members!

  2. admin_j

    Good seller. They seem to actually care. Dog likes the oil.

  3. admin_j

    *****Excellent product!*****Excellent communication,
    Ebay buyer: rritcherch707554

  4. admin_j

    I am not only a seller of Naysa CBD oil for pets, but a user as well. I have been around and owned German Shepherds all my life, and recently had a shepherd that had a re-occurrence of lung cancer that we had removed several years earlier. This last December, she developed a debilitating cough that grew significantly worse each day, and it was agonizing to watch our girl suffer with this disease. We tried over the counter products to suppress the cough, and nothing worked. The vet prescribed antibiotics and steroids and those too did nothing for her. Out of desperation, I googled cancer relief for dogs. There I learned about CBD oil and the benefits to our pets with its use. I learned how some Australian vets have used this product successfully on their cancer patients. I’ve also learned that the ASPCA is doing trials right now on the efficacy of the oil. Since the product is so new, I believe that this tells us that there is something there that deserved our attention.

    So, I found a source for the oil and began giving it to our dog. After a giving her the recommended dosage for just a few days, the cough was almost gone. We were thrilled with the results in that she became much more comfortable by using the CBD oil. She did eventually pass as the cancer had progressed too far by the time I was able to give her the oil. However, in the future, whenever any of our pets develop an illness that this oil will treat, you can be guaranteed that this will be my first course of action. We also give this too our 7 YO German Shepherd that suffers from separation anxiety, and it works very well in calming her down when we feel it is needed.

    This product works for all breeds of dogs, cats and other animals. When searching for a CBD oil product, I looked for the highest quality, dedicated product I could find. After all, how can you be sure something works if you aren’t giving the best one available. I found it in this Naysa brand CBD Oil and am offering it those that want to take the best care of their pet.

  5. Nicky Dewalt (verified owner)

    I have an almost 11 year old GSD who refuses to believe she is anything but a puppy. She was having a hard time with her hind legs. They were kicking out from under her, and she would have a lot of down days. After hearing this oil was helping my uncles GSD who is 12, we had to try it.

    This stuff helps our girl so much. She’s been on it for a few months now, and has only had instances where her legs have kicked back like 5 times….and that was because she was a maniac the day before. She’s not as fast as she used to be, but she can still move well thanks to adding this to her everyday regimen.

    Just seeing the difference it makes for our dog, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for something to help their dog.

    And a bonus, I’ve been buying from the same seller, and they are amazing. So easy to work with. Thank you for carrying this product!

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