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For your GSD’s health

Does your German Shepherd have issues with anxiety as many of this breed does? My dog, Kaiserin, has an ongoing issue with separation anxiety that I believe stems from her being taken from her litter at too early of an age. The breeder demanded that we take her at 6 weeks which is too early in my opinion, and I have had second thoughts about this breeder ever since. Most opinion holds that you shouldn’t take your dog until at least 8 weeks in order for them to get that early socialization in with their siblings. I have had many shepherds over the years and this was the only one that I have taken at such an early age, and the anxiety in this one is definitely more pronounced than any I have had before.

I recently had an issue with a 11 YO shepherd that had a recurring appearance of lung cancer that manifested itself with a debilitating cough. After trying several home remedies and trips to the vet that resulted in prescriptions that did not help the cough, I spent much time researching something (anything) that could help this poor girl. What I found was a natural product called CBD Oil. Many of you may have heard of it, but I had not. After reading research articles on how CBD had help dogs with the cancer and how some vets believe that it can actually help attack cancer cells themselves, I was ready to get some for my girl Hawley. Remember, nothing else had helped, but after a week to 10 days after giving the CBD Oil to her, it had almost totally eliminated the cough and made her much more comfortable. While she did eventually pass as the cancer had become much to advanced by the time I started with the CBD, I am convinced that it made her much more comfortable towards the end of her life.

Since this time, I have also found the CBD to be beneficial for many ailments that dogs have including:

  • pain relief
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Combats malignant cell growth
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps shield the nervous system
  • Promotes increased appetite
  • Post surgery relief and support
  • Helps with seizure prevention
  • Promotes reduction in epilepsy conditions
  • Inhibits bowel dysfunction
  • Non toxic assistance with hips and joint inflammation

Back now to Kaiserin and her anxiety. I have found that the CBD helps her greatly with this proble and I now give it to her when we find that she needs it. For example, on a recent trip to Atlanta, I gave her the CBD as a travel aid, and this was the best trip we have ever had with her. She is a known “whiner” and in particular when she gets anxious. She was almost totally quiet the entire trip, I credit this totally to the CBD oil that we started giving her a few days before the trip.

So if your doggie has problems with anxiety as mine does, try the CBD oil and see if it doesn’t help. The fireworks of July 4th are coming up and you can bet that she will be getting her “oil” during that holiday time, so if yours hates fireworks as mine does, check out:

Naysa CBD Oil