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CBD is for what ails you – AND YOUR BIG DOG TOO!

You have probably heard of CBD products by now and how they help us humans.   We take CBD for everything from stress relief, to reducing inflamation in joints, and pain reduction.  It has also found some benefits for epileptics although very recently, I think they (meaning the scientific community) may be having second thoughts about this one.  

However what you may NOT know is that CBD can be very good for our doggie friends, particularly our German Shepherds.  A list of the benefits of CBD oil for our puppers may look something like this:

  1. Relieves Pain
  2. Reduces Anxiety
  3. Helps reduce inflammation
  4. Combats malignant cell growth
  5. Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  6. Helps shield the nervous system
  7. Promotes increased appetite
  8. Post surgery relief and support
  9. Helps with seizure prevention
  10. Promotes reduction in epilepsy conditions
  11. Inhibits bowel dysfunction
  12. Non toxic assistance with hips and joint inflammation

Currently, there are several research products underway testing the efficacy of CBD and health benefits and dogs.  The ASPCA itself is currently running tirals on the benefits of CBD oil and our dogs.  Research is being performed all over the world on the benefits of CBD and animals.  One Australia vet believes that CBD Oil actually attacks and destroys malignant cancer cells in dogs.  

In particular, we know that German Shepherds tend to suffer from several health issues including:  hip dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat, hemophilia, and degenerative Myelopathy.  Now if we map the benefits of CBD oil against the health problems that GSD’s tend to have, you will see an almost perfect correlation.  Whether it be in pain management and inflammation reduction, to improving digestive flow and process, a qualified CBD product appears to provide a sensible approach to handling your German Shepherds health issues..

My personal experience has been most recent with an 9 YO shepherd rescue that developed lung cancer about 3 years ago.  When finding this out, we had the cancerous lung tissue surgically removed where she went on to live and additional happy, healthy 3 years………before a cough reappeared.  One day, out of the blue, she started coughing, and this cough got drastically worse every day.   We were doing everything we could think of to address the cough with over the counter remedies, such as honey and vitamins.  As the cough was now so severe, she could hardly move without coughing her self off her feet.  We then took her to the vet where he prescribed steroids and antibiotics to address the cough and still that did not work.  She was coughing harder and harder and getting weaker by the day.  It was heartbreaking to watch her get worse and not being find anything that worked.  That is when I found out about CBD oil and read an article about an Australian vet that believed that CBD can actually attack malignant cancer cells.  That is all I needed to know.  I immediately found a source for the CBD and was giving it to her 2 days later.  The improvement in her cough started within 48 hours, and withing 10 days the cough was almost completely gone.  Amazing and incredible…right?  Well, within 2 weeks, she had passed as the cancer had just progressed too far by the time I started giving her the CBD Oil.  HOWEVER, the CBD made her much more comfortable towards the end than anything else I had given her.  I am so happy that we were at least able to make her more comfortable in her last days.  My only regret is that I did not giver her the CBD sooner.  As a result of this experience, you can be guaranteed that I will be giving all of my dogs (and cats too) CBD to address any issues that come up in the future.

CBD is helping thousands of dogs get fast relief from hip dysplasia symptoms

In the end, you should consult your dog’s veterinarian on whether CBD may be beneficial for your dog.  I have personally taken my dogs to 4 different vets in the last couple of years.  Why so many you ask?  We moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville and have been searching for a vet that I felt like was as good as the one we left in Atlanta. Each time we visit the vet, we ask them on their opinion of CBD.  In every case, the vet said that they felt that CBD products could have beneficial effects for dogs with certain symptoms.  While they didn’t usually stock and/or prescribe the product, they were more than willing to recommend it’s use in certain conditions.  So anecdotally, all of the veterinarians 


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