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4 Tips for Training Your Dog With Rewards

  By Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding. For example, if your dog gets a treat when he sits, he will be more likely to sit again in the future. That’s why positive reinforcement training, or training with rewards, is so effective. However, as with any skill, to be as successful as possible, positive reinforcement training takes practice and ...

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CBD is for what ails you – AND YOUR BIG DOG TOO!

You have probably heard of CBD products by now and how they help us humans.   We take CBD for everything from stress relief, to reducing inflamation in joints, and pain reduction.  It has also found some benefits for epileptics although very recently, I think they (meaning the scientific community) may be having second thoughts about this one.   However what you ...

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To Crate or Not to Crate – that is the Question

There are several questions that tend to fall into the “holy grail” category when it comes to raising and training your German Shepherd. Whether or not to use a “prong collar” is one, and another is whether or not to crate train your puppy or even adult dog. On the one side are those that believe that crating an animal ...

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A Simple treat for your German Shepherd

What is my girl’s favorite treat? It turns out that sometimes the simplest things can give the greatest pleasure. I absolutely love seeing my girl happy and having a great time. As we are both easily amused, she gets a kick out of her marrow bones. For her, we have a daily ritual where she gets her frozen marrow bone, ...

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For your GSD’s health

Does your German Shepherd have issues with anxiety as many of this breed does? My dog, Kaiserin, has an ongoing issue with separation anxiety that I believe stems from her being taken from her litter at too early of an age. The breeder demanded that we take her at 6 weeks which is too early in my opinion, and I ...

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15 Amazing German Shepherd Facts

Think you know everything there is to know about the German Shepherd? Here are 15 German Shepherd facts you probably didn’t know. german shepherd facts MAX VON STEPHANITZ Do you know his name? Well you should – he is considered to be the father of the German Shepherd breed. In 1899, breeder Max von Stephanitz, took notice of a wolf-like ...

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