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A Simple treat for your German Shepherd

What is my girl’s favorite treat? It turns out that sometimes the simplest things can give the greatest pleasure. I absolutely love seeing my girl happy and having a great time. As we are both easily amused, she gets a kick out of her marrow bones.

For her, we have a daily ritual where she gets her frozen marrow bone, every night after dinner. I usually get these from my local Publix grocery store, where I find them in the meat counter. Sometimes, they aren’t out in the counter, so I have to ask for them. But the Publix people are usually happy (again another happy person) to oblige and I see them pull out a large box full of the marrow bones, and they will tray up a couple of pounds of the bones, wrap them up and give them to me. Did I say give? I used to remember the time when these would be free, but grocery stores see the demand for the marrow bones these days, so now they are able to extract a couple dollars in revenue out of these, so why not.

So, when I get home with my trays of marrow bones, I will immediately put them in the freezer and let them get really hard. Then when it’s time, we usually give Kaiserin one of the frozen marrow bones every night while the humans are eating dinner. This keeps everyone busy and minding their own business.

She usually gets a good 30 – 45 minutes of chomp time working those GSD jaws on that bone getting every last bit of the marrow out. So in the end, usually the next morning, we will find the dead carcass of what is left of the round bone. So a good time was had by all.

We have used this routine with all of our shepherds and have never had a problem, but keep in mind, every dog is different. What works for my dogs may not work for yours.

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